It feels so peacefully to walk alone

She keeps her circle small as she gets older

“Less hurt”, she said

But within her soul, she doesn’t want to be alone

Why is it so hard for her to express what’s inside of her out loud?


She damaged at night

Her eyes always swollen in the morning

After she told everything to the Only One

She likes to keep the stories within her soul

Until everything seems blurred

Until she feels want to throw up


She screamed in silence

She said sorry in many times to people

She does not understand

She scared of her emotions

She might crazy

She feels like she has a wound that can’t be healed


She likes to spend the time with friends

But it’s just a moment

Until she gets her room

Everything seems blurred

She doesn’t want to wear a glasses

She enjoyed that blurry


You saw her by outside

You don’t know the camouflage she created

She doesn’t believe anyone

She always think she is a bad person

She trapped in her self and her soul

But, every time people asked, she replies with “smiles”





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