Nursing in Indonesia

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare.” quoted from Donna Wilk Cardillo, one of nurses that inspired me. I am really agree with that quote, because a nurse is one and only a person who always get attached with patients. Almost every single nurses’ time are for patients. They need to understand the feelings of their patients, and, very often, the patient’s fears about what their medical condition means to them and their family. Great nurses are selfless.

In Indonesia itself, this job is still considered taboo. Some of them think that nurses are unfriendly, not competent enough, and many more. I don’t really know where these stigmas came from. But most Indonesian still have a mind that us, nurses are an assistant of doctor, or something like that. I totally one hundred percent not agree with that. All of these stigmas cause some people to think twice about entering the nursing major. And causes lack of nurses in rural and remote communities of Indonesia. The unequal distribution of nurses is a crucial issue to address due to the health care needs of the people, especially in underserved rural and remote area.

Actually, Indonesia has produced a significant number of nursing schools. But I do not know where are they after graduated. Many nurses are rejected to be placement in rural and remote area. The literature indicated that difficulties of geographic with lack of transportation and infrastructure facilities in most areas outside of Java, Bali, and Sumatra Island are causes of rejection (Gunawan, 2016). Another reasons are about a nurse will get low salary, professional factors, locations, and many more of reasons. If we see the quote at the first paragraph, what is “the heart of healthcare” real meaning? Just because of those reasons make us think twice to do our real caring job.

As a nursing student who will be a nurse of course, I see this problem is so irony, but it is the reality of nursing in Indonesia. I want to make a change of Nurse Image at Indonesian’s sight. Change the stigmas that make us look so bad in their eyes, like “nurses are unfriendly and not competent enough” to “nurses are full of caring, friendly, and smart.” I will use my knowledges that I have gained during in nursing school.

Although, it is my second year in nursing school, but I have fallen in love with this faculty and my soon job, a nurse. I will trying to contribute as much as I can in nursing through my knowledges, and show them the real meaning of caring. For now, I will get more serious in studying of nursing and explore everything here. So that, I can give my best interventions to them, and people will be happy with a nurse, and their stigmas will changed.


Efendi, F., Mrs Purwaningsih, Kurniati, A., & Bushy, A. (2014). What Do Indonesian Nurses Want? Retaining Nurses in Rural and Remote Areas of Indonesia. Online Journal Of Rural Nursing And Health Care, 14(2), 32-42.
Gunawan J. (2016). Unequal Distribution of Nurses in Indonesia. A Perspective from A Nurse. Belitung Nursing Journal 2(1):8-9.

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  1. Good job i wish you success .


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